Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Survey report on student’s movie knowledge

Purpose of the Survey

The purpose of the survey was to find out how much people know about cinema. Another purpose was to see how often people go to the movie and what kind of movie they prefer.


The sample was composed of 10 questions. They are multiple choice type questions. I got thirteen answers to my survey. I wrote my survey on and all the answers were accumulated and put into percentages.


Our results show that 66.7% of my class go to the movie once a month and that the two principal choices of kind of movie are romance and comedy. Almost equally, peoples like to go to the movies on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday and most of them know that Christopher Reeves lose the use of his legs in 1997, which is the correct answer. You can see that on the chart below. Except for question number three, all my questions have at least one person who didn’t want to answer.

Question 3: When did Christopher Reeves, the original Superman, lose the use

of his legs?


# of responses

% of respondents











The results demonstrate that on almost all the questions about movie knowledge, from 1 to 7, the majority of respondents have all answered correctly.

Of those who answered to question 2, what do ″Catch me if you can″, ″Titanic″ and ″Gangs of New York″ have in common, and 6, how many Mark Twain’s ″Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s court″ movie adaptations are there, allow me to assume that they were split between two choices because the people didn’t know the correct answer.

The answers on question 8 shows that people aren’t big fans of movie since most of them go only once a month to see a movie in a theatre. You can see this in the chart below

The figures in Table 9 prove that no one likes horror movies, which is ironic since it’s recently the most produced type of movie. Probably because it’s always the same story, the villain gets killed, brought back to life to seek revenge, he kills all the teenagers except for the virgin, the villain dies and come back to life again in a sequel. The chart below shows…

The results demonstrate that 44.4% go to the movies on Tuesday when it’s half price, maybe because it’s the day before a school day.

Of those four out of thirteen who didn’t answer questions 8 to 10, maybe they lost interest because of the first questions or they have no interest in movies.


It is safe to assume that the respondents know things about movies, but not as much as me. Next time, if I did this again, I would make easier questions to captivate the attention of the people who respond to my survey.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Survey about Movie Trivia

Click here to answer my survey about Movie Trivia


Movie trivia

1.What's the name of the very first 3-D movie?

2.When was the premier of the very first color movie?

3. Who was the two child actors who make a come back in "Lord of the Rings"?

4.What's "Catch me if you can","Titanic" and "Gangs of New-York" had in common?

5.Who's the oldest horror movie serial killer?

6.Who's the first actor who played James Bond?

7.When did Christopher Reeves (the original superman) loses the the use of his legs and arms?

8.How many Mark Twain's Connecticut's yankee at king Arthur's court movie adaptation are they?

9.Who the actor who played Obi-wan Kenobi in "Star Wars" before Ewan Mc Gregor?

10.When does Jonny Depp carer reely begins?

Thursday, February 23, 2006


The City of Candiac

A special law of the legislative assembly of Quebec founded the city of Candiac on January 31st 1957. So the gouvernement can have a request for several European and Canadian incorporated investigators under the name of Candiac. When the town was founded, it had 320 inhabitants and most of them were farmers and lived near the St-Laurence River. Now, Candiac has nearly 15,000 inhabitants. Jean Leman, the founder of Candiac, has given his name to a primary school and to a street. The town was named after the birthplace of Louis-Joseph de St-Veran, Montcalm's marquis, the Candiac castle. Candiac is a little town in southeastern Quebec on the South Shore Montreal. Candiac is at five minutes from Montreal, every day I go to school, I can see La Ronde so clearly it looks like it is beside me.

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